2019 MLB Attendance Report is Out; Miami Fans Once Again Should Be Mocked

Bobby Burack
Pittsburgh Pirates  v Miami Marlins
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins / Mark Brown/Getty Images

The 2019 MLB regular season is in the books and we are looking back at how the fans performed this year. ESPN released a team-by-team attendance report that revealed, wait for it, Miami fans showed up the least. I know, shocker!

No city wants to be deemed as "the worst fans in all of sports," but those in Miami are about to be officially named just that. Not only did they not support their baseball team this season (had the third worst record in baseball), but they also haven't been showing up for Dolphins games either. Sure, their teams are horrible, but that total is inexcusable.

It's sad to see the great city of Detroit so low on this list. Unlike the people in South Beach, they love their baseball team. They were just so bad (worst record in MLB) their fans couldn't stomach attending to see it unfold. They get a pass.

You have to give St. Louis some credit here. The baseball-loving city never disappoints. Hopefully, this will trigger the many Yankees fans to buy some more gear.

It's also important that we give props to Angles' fans. They came to watch their team despite, well, being a bad team.