2013 College Football Cupcake List: Who Paid Opponents the Most?

By Jason McIntyre

You’ve heard the same line over and over in recent years: Nobody plays anybody in college football. The impact is fewer and fewer fans come to games, and occasionally, you get snoozer Saturdays like last weekend, with zero good games.

How bad has the cupcake game gotten? We put together a chart of teams that paid lower D1 or I-AA (FCS, if you’d like) over $400,000 to play. There are many links in the chart so you can read about how these games came about. And how teams are still making money off the game, despite shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Team Opponent Payout Score
Alabama Colorado State $1,500,000 W (31-6)
Ohio State San Diego State $1,200,000 W (42-7)
Auburn Arkansas State $1,100,000 W (38-9)
Auburn Florida Atlantic $1,000,000 Game 10/26
Ohio State Buffalo $1,000,000 W (40-20)
Arkansas Southern Mississippi $975,000 W (24-3)
Michigan Akron $900,000 W (28-24)
Ohio State Florida A&M $900,000 W (76-0)
Wisconsin UMass $900,000 W (45-0)
Michigan Central Michigan $850,000 W (59-9)
Rutgers Eastern Michigan $850,000 W (28-10)
Florida Toledo $800,000 W (24-6)
Tennessee Western Kentucky $800,000 W (52-20)
Kansas State UMass $750,000 W (27-7)
Michigan State Youngstown State$650,000 W (55-17)
UCLA New Mexico State $550,000 W (59-13)
Auburn Western Carolina $525,000 Game 10/12
Wisconsin Tennessee Tech $500,000 W (48-0)
Iowa Missouri State $475,000 W (28-14)
Florida State Bethune Cookman $475,000 W (54-6)
Northwestern Maine $450,000 W (35-21)
Oregon Nicholls State $450,000 W (66-3)
Oregon State Eastern Washington $450,000 L (46-49)
Indiana Indiana State $450,000 W (73-35)
Tennessee Austin Peay $450,000 W (45-0)
Utah Weber State $400,000 W (70-7)
South Florida McNeese State $400,000 L (21-53)
Purdue Indiana State $400,000 W (20-14