The 1995 Seattle Mariners Showed Up at a Game This Weekend


The 1995 Seattle Mariners were one of the best teams in franchise history and are remembered fondly by the team's fanbase. That was apparent on Saturday night when a group of fans showed up dressed exactly like the starting nine from that year. It was awesome.

These guys went all out, right down to the guy who went as Dan Wilson in full catching gear.

Check out some photos:

That is truly awesome and I want more MLB fans to do this. Some suggestions: 2002 Oakland A's (the Moneyball team), the 1986 Boston Red Sox, the 1993 Florida Marlins, the 1989 San Diego Padres and the 2008 New York Yankees. That's just a start, would love to hear more suggestions.

But kudos to these guys for going all-in.