1980 Spurs Draft Pick Still Hoping To Make The Team

By Tully Corcoran

Calvin Roberts was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth round of the 1980 NBA draft, but never made the roster.

At age 61, he’s still going for it.

Roberts is 6-foot-8, 246 pounds and appear to be in excellent shape for a man his age, or any other. He says he’s serious.

“I’m healthy for my age and I’m dedicated. I hope they see that,” he said. “I am trying to get their attention so they can see that I’m in shape, I’m ready and willing to try it again at this age. I’m serious and I want to be there. It’s my second chance and I’m taking it. If they give me a chance, I’m going all the way.”

Roberts, who lives in Las Vegas, played professionally all across Europe, and faced Magic Johnson while he was playing college ball at Cal State Fullerton.

Roberts’ wife, Noemi Lucero, is all for it.

“I thought it was a great idea. I already knew he could do it,” she said. “He has the will and when there’s a will there’s a way. I never got to see him the first time around play as a basketball player so this is my chance to actually see him play as a player.”

Roberts would still like to play for the Spurs, and thinks he and Gregg Popovich could relate on account of how they’re both old guys. If anybody can find role for this guy, it’s Pop.