14-Year-Old Myles Garrett Could Up Beat 24-Year-Old Me Today

Liam McKeone
Myles Garrett as a NINTH GRADER
Myles Garrett as a NINTH GRADER /

NFL athletes are basically superhuman compared to the rest of us mortals. We knew that. It makes it no less jarring when photos emerge of these athletes before they grew into their bodies and were given access to multi-million dollar training facilities.

Dov Kleiman provided such a picture today of Myles Garrett. This is allegedly Garrett at the age of 14, right around when he would be in the ninth grade. I say allegedly because my god, how can any 14-year-old look like this?

I am by no means "in shape" but I like to think I would have the advantage in any fight with a high schooler, given I am now six years out of high school. I would lose in embarrassing fashion to Garrett at that age. It's almost comical how jacked he is. It reminds me of Spongebob's fake muscles.

Who could have predicted a 14-year-old with that muscle mass would become a professional athlete?