11 Months Left of LeBron vs Dan Gilbert, Because Neither Side Will Budge

By Jason McIntyre

That was an excellent, on-point essay by Brian Windhorst about the LeBron James situation. You should watch it.

Then, today, Woj followed up with a column detailed the friction on both sides, essentially noting it was a standoff:

"The Cavs aren’t giving up on the possibility of re-signing James next summer, but they are no longer investing blind faith in the hope he will stay."

And I’m confident in saying this: I have explored every angle of this for two months now, and have yet to find a compelling one that involves LeBron staying. They don’t have leverage in any Kyrie Irving trade, so the idea of them fetching equal or better value for LeBron to stay is 99.9% unlikely.

And that’s before you even begin discussing the aging roster and bad contracts. You could steal a title in 2016 after the Draymond Greensuspension and Andrew Bogut injury; what, you think two years later, with one of the oldest benches in the league, no young prospects, no future draft picks, and a starter rendered unplayable in the Finals (Tristan Thompson), LeBron is going to look at that roster and think about staying?

I’m not confident they get by the Celtics next year in the playoffs. After next season, the East will be Boston’s for years to come because of what Danny Ainge has built in Boston.

LeBron’s best future is with the Lakers, but i do think the 76ers could have a legit chance if everyone manages to stay healthy and they make a playoff run.