10 Best College Game Day Signs From Week 1

Bobby Burack

ESPN’s College GameDay is off and rolling and the signs are already top-notch. This week we got everything from angry Spider-Man fans, Chick-Fil-A debaters, Oregon shade, and some relationship updates. 

Here are the 10 best signs ranked from Week 1 of the college football season: 

10. It was only a matter of time:

9. Ouch.

8. Far from the best ever, but certainly a good one:

7. Some things just never go away, do they?

6. Impressive … I guess.

5. Not my favorite song, but do appreciate the creativity here:

4. I mean, we can all agree on this regardless of which team we root for:

3. Just going to leave this here:

2. Yes, yes, he does.

1. We wish her the best of luck.

And the season is still so young.