New Sunday Night Football Intro Will Feature Carrie Underwood and 'User-Generated Content'

Stephen Douglas
Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood / Doug Benc/Getty Images

Football season is coming. It starts just two weeks from tomorrow. Then on Sunday, September 13th, we will have a full slate of NFL games capped by the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football on NBC. Those of you who have been waiting all quarantine for Sunday night will see at least one familiar face, but the Carrie Underwood opening number will feature a new video with players lip-syncing and a bunch of virtual fans Via Sports Business Journal:

"One of the user-generated videos will be a young Chiefs fan wearing a Patrick Mahomes jersey and sporting a similar haircut to the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Another Chiefs fan -- also wearing a Mahomes jersey -- dances with “a plunger going through his head -- why, I’m not sure,” Gaudelli said. A Packers fan is wearing a Packers suit and tie and, of course, a cheesehead. A 49ers video was shot from a backyard barbecue. “People’s creative juices got fired up,” Gaudelli said."

Two Patrick Mahomes jerseys and a guy in California hosting a cookout. Talk about firing up the creative juices.

It's nice that NBC is putting a taste of 2020 in the SNF open, even if it means a little less Carrie Underwood. It would be kind of weird if there were more fans in the stands for the theme song than the actual games. Although, there are more fans mentioned in this article than will be in attendance for that Cowboys - Rams game since there will be no fans at SoFi Stadium.

Hopefully, Peyton Manning shows up as one of the fans to give Carrie one of his famous points.