Pat McAfee Breaks Down Texts Indicating Andrew Luck Is Returning to the Colts

Pat McAfee breaks down Andrew Luck return rumors
Pat McAfee breaks down Andrew Luck return rumors /

Twitter was buzzing on Tuesday with rumors of a potential Andrew Luck comeback. In a now-deleted tweet, a man named Mike Austin posted an alleged text conversation between Luck's wife and a friend that implied the quarterback is thinking about a comeback. Pat McAfee took to the air and dissected the conversation brilliantly. Let's just say he's not really buying it.

Here's his breakdown:

This is McAfee at his best. He's breaking this down like it's a sequence from the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, but he's also playing up the absurdity of the whole thing. This is his Zapruder film. Also, in the small chance that this is real, what kind of friend leaks text messages like that? For shame.

As for Luck coming out of retirement and returning to the Indianapolis Colts, there's no indication that's actually happening. No reliable reporters are anywhere close to indicating that it's a possibility.