NFL Power Rankings 1-32

NFL Power Rankings 1-32


NFL Power Rankings 1-32

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We’re now less than a month out from the kickoff of the regular season. Not much has changed since we made our last power rankings before preseason football began, but we’ve gotten our first look at what direction teams are going in with new head coaches and coordinators scattered around the NFL.

Here are your NFL power rankings as we inch closer to regular season football.

32. Miami Dolphins

Feel the excitement of yet another empty season in South Florida. Take the unique flavor of a second-year quarterback, who was deemed expendable enough to be sent on to greener pastures. Take stock of the impressively consistent holes at almost every position. Consider all these things as the season drags on and the losses pile up, sending them back to the drawing board. If there’s a reason to watch it’s the offhand chance Fitzmagic is on display for a three- or four-game stretch.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

Zac Taylor has inherited the Andy Dalton enigma. A.J. Green will spend considerable time on the sideline and the offensive line is a patchwork quilt full of holes. With all three division rivals looking to make a serious playoff push, the lumps will come fast and furious.

30. New York Giants

Saquon Barkley is a lot like Barry Sanders in many ways. One way is that he’s a spellbinding talent on a team that’s poised to do absolutely nothing. Eli Manning likely hasn’t discovered the fountain of youth, has a depleted wide receiver corp, and will spend his golden years staving off a challenge from Daniel Jones. The drama and pain will be real.

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