Chatting With Boog Sciambi

Chatting With Boog Sciambi

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Chatting With Boog Sciambi


Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi joins the podcast this week! He calls Wednesday Night Baseball for ESPN, Sunday Night Baseball for ESPN Radio, and also does college basketball play-by-play. He will be on the radio call for the Yankees-Red Sox game in London, which airs at 3:10 pm ET this Sunday. We discussed:

  • The big enthusiasm in London for the series.
  • 1997 Marlins World Series memories; Jeff Passan’s report about the Miami and Montreal; will Miami ever fully support baseball in the city?; Would Montreal?
  • The most interesting possible MLB trade this season.
  • The halcyon era of 790 the Ticket in Miami as an upstart, with Dan Le Batard, Stugotz, Jorge Sedano, and Sid Rosenberg.
  • Why adding the second Wild Card was such a great change by MLB.
  • What figure from baseball history he’d most love to call a World Series game with.
  • The under-the-radar dynamics that make MLB a better business still than the NBA
  • Boog’s ALS research advocacy. You can donate here.

Hope you enjoy!


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