Josh McCown Announces Retirement

Josh McCown Announces Retirement


Josh McCown Announces Retirement


Josh McCown has had a lengthy career for a third-round pick, despite never crossing the threshold of “decent” once during his 17 years in the league. He’s stuck around for a long time, but it finally will be coming to a close. After remaining a free agent since the end of last season, McCown took to The Player’s Tribune to announce his retirement himself.

McCown will finish his career with 17,707 yards, 98 touchdowns, and 82 interceptions. He played for a total of ten teams over the last two decades, coming to truly personify the idea of a journeyman QB.

Fans will remember him as a mediocre at best quarterback, but he was good enough to stick around in the NFL for a lot longer than most of his draft mates, and that’ll be enough. His final record as a starter will stand at 23-53, and most recently played for the New York Jets, serving the mentor role for young quarterback Sam Darnold.

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