VIDEO: Jon Moxley Implies He's Headed to New Japan

VIDEO: Jon Moxley Implies He's Headed to New Japan


VIDEO: Jon Moxley Implies He's Headed to New Japan


Jon Moxley, who performed as Dean Ambrose in WWE and attacked Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega at AEW’s Double or Nothing this past weekend in Las Vegas, released a video Sunday evening that implies he is doing a stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He’ll be there June 5th.

AEW founder Tony Khan said after Double or Nothing that Moxley will be full-time with the promotion once the TV schedule hits full swing this upcoming fall, but also that he’s open to Moxley doing international dates.

The subject of the relationship between AEW and New Japan has been a matter of a lot of intrigue. Kenny Omega was a superstar there, Chris Jericho has been performing there of late, and the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Hangman Page all carried out the Bullet Club angle in between New Japan and Ring of Honor.

New Japan has long had an alliance with Ring of Honor, so it’s been unclear at least to this point how everything would break as far as AEW is concerned. Maybe Moxley headed over there provides a clue, maybe it doesn’t. We’ll have to see what happens going forward.

In any event, the impact that Moxley is having right away after leaving WWE in America and presumably internationally follows the template of Cody Rhodes from a couple years ago. You can bet everybody in the WWE locker room saw the buzz Moxley got when he arrived in Las Vegas, and a lot of people there are probably wondering about the possibility of greener pastures.

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