Was John Cusak Vaping During A Cubs Game?

John Cusack

Was John Cusak Vaping During A Cubs Game?


Was John Cusak Vaping During A Cubs Game?


John Cusack has officially broken Wrigley Field’s rules. The long-time Chicago Cubs fan was caught on camera vaping in the front row of the Cubs’ Wednesday night game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Check it out:

As we know, the Cubs are awful harsh on fans who do things they deem to be against Wrigley’s rules. So what will they do to Cusack? Consistency is important. Right, Cubs?

Obviously I’m kidding, vaping during a game is far less egregious than purportedly flashing a racist hand gesture. That said, vaping at a game when surrounded by 30,000-plus other people is pretty lame.

Cusack also recently got into a spat with some Twitter trolls who claimed he didn’t stand during a salute to the military at Wrigley. Clearly it’s been a rough few days at the friendly confines for Mr. Cusack.

Come on guys, ease up on him. He played Lane Meyer in “Better Off Dead” which is one of the most underrated comedies of all-time.

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