2021 NFL Draft to Be Held in Cleveland

2021 NFL Draft to Be Held in Cleveland


2021 NFL Draft to Be Held in Cleveland


The 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville was a smashing success, with fans turning out by the tens of thousands to watch the draft, even as the rain poured down. Next year should only get better, as the draft will be held in Las Vegas. Now, the host city for the 2021 NFL Draft has just been announced: Cleveland, Ohio.

While the Browns have been the bottomfeeders of the league for most of this century, it hasn’t lessened the city’s passion for football. Browns fans are some of the biggest die-hards out there, and it should be a rowdy environment for the draft in a few years.

As a host city, Cleveland is a good choice. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton, less than an hour’s drive from Cleveland on a good day. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will see a surge of visitors, at the very least. The only question revolves around the weather, but up until recently the draft was always held in New York, so the league should know at this point how to handle the threat of bad weather derailing the whole event. The league also announced Kansas City would be hosting the 2023 draft. There is no word on 2022 quite yet.

As of now, the biggest attraction at the draft will be Trevor Lawrence, the highly-touted prospect out of Clemson who led his team to a national championship over dreaded Alabama as a true freshman. For the first time in a while, though, Browns fans need not worry about the quarterback prospects. They can finally sit back and enjoy the ride, and that year’s draft should be a good one.

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