Kevin Durant's Antics Are Annoying, Embarrassing, and Troubling

Kevin Durant's Antics Are Annoying, Embarrassing, and Troubling


Kevin Durant's Antics Are Annoying, Embarrassing, and Troubling


Kevin Durant is at it again fighting on Twitter and taking offense to random opinions. This time he is upset with a narrative that the Warriors winning without him is bad for his legacy. It continues to be astounding that a player this good cares this much about what is being said about him online. At this point, it’s beyond just “Oh, that’s Kevin,” it’s become mockable, alarming, and flat out embarrassing how he conducts himself.

This is a player that has pulled away from the pack and has a chance to become one of the best to ever step foot on the court. But Durant acts like the guy in high school that goes around saying he can dunk, shoot, and carry a basketball team but doesn’t actually play. Expect, he is actually the star every student is jealous of. I know, I can’t figure it out, either.

His latest round of acting like an insecure fool comes from tweets that are about 75 percent less hurtful than what was said about LeBron James during his legacy-chasing years.

Whether he knows it or not, the media can be much harsher than that. That is just a bad take that has no impact on the conversation.

If Durant doesn’t have enough self-confidence to ignore that, the NBA should be counting down the days until there is a new torchbearer. There may not be a worse superstar role model in the NBA right now.

A lot of people will point to this being yet another example he wouldn’t be able to handle the New York media. This isn’t a New York issue, this is an NBA issue. He may not be able to handle the New York media, but it’s evident he can’t handle any of the mean people on social media. Social media is accessible in every city with a professional basketball team. Regardless of where he plays next year, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and wherever else he has been offended on will be there.

To be clear, this isn’t about today. Durant has been proving for years that nobody is more thin-skinned and constantly offended than he is. He doesn’t like the media, we get it. But does he like the promotion they give him that results in money and fame? Of course, he does. Is he okay with the fans that buy his shoes? Because they have opinions too that may sway from his liking.

Kevin Durant is the best player in the word and has an attitude that is nearly impossible to root for.

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