Here's More Fodder for Kyler Murray Height Truthers

Here's More Fodder for Kyler Murray Height Truthers


Here's More Fodder for Kyler Murray Height Truthers


Kyler Murray’s height was a major conversation piece headed into the NFL Combine, where he checked in at 5-foot-10. It was still a conversation piece when he opted not to be measured at his pro day. It was definitely an interesting topic when Dan Patrick relayed a scout told him the number had been inflated.

In the end, though, none of it really mattered as the Arizona Cardinals made him the first pick in the NFL Draft. His height didn’t hurt his stock and he’ll be the starting quarterback if he’s actually 5-foot-10 or if he’s 5-foot-9.

But a picture of Murray with other rookies will give the tinfoil hat brigade more ammunition.

Murray (front right) is standing next to his former Sooners teammate Marquise Brown, who is listed at 5-foot-9 yet looks taller than the quarterback.

The eyes can play tricks and perspective is a funny thing. It appears Murray also set his helmet on the seat behind him, causing him to be closer to camera than the others. Some expert can weigh in with how that changes the optics.

All of this is admittedly silly but hey, people love their football. Murray will soon be out on actual fields proving diminutive quarterbacks can have success in the NFL, so let’s just embrace the wildness while it’s still fun.

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