Game of Thrones Just Ended in the Worst Way [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones Just Ended in the Worst Way [Spoilers]


Game of Thrones Just Ended in the Worst Way [Spoilers]


This story includes spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6. 

After eight seasons, Game of Thrones went out in arguably the most unsatisfying way they could have.

So, uh, Bran is the new king. Which is not shocking given the focus on him in the books and his mysterious conversation with Tyrion (this possibility was discussed this past week). But not only have David Benioff and D.B. Weiss done a terrible job of explaining what he can and cannot do, they’ve done nothing to build toward him making sense as the king. It has all been Jon or Dany for the Iron Throne. Even half of this episode was Jon vs. Dany for the right to rule. Nope, neither. A character of whatever he is gets to rule.

Can he see the future? Does he know everything? Could he live forever? Those are just three key things we don’t know about King Bran the Broken.

It’s not even that the final ruler we will ever see had no build or real character development, the way he became king was also awful. After thousands of years of history, they leave us off with a king just being voted by some characters we know and others we don’t or don’t care about. A lot of wars, deaths, and years took place for a small group of people to just vote for their next leader.

As for Jon Snow, the series most interesting, important, loved, and wait for it, wasted character. I took some issue with this last week. The audience has been made to believe this was Jon’s story. For the entire final season, he has mostly been an afterthought lacking big moments. He finally got a moment by killing Daenerys in a bizarre scene that was rushed. It makes no sense why the only dragon left just burned the Iron Throne and flew away to a place we will never know. Anyway, back to Jon. Following doing what he clearly had to do, killing the evil queen, he gets punished. Not just punished, but punished by Grey Worm and his army! I’ll ask you because I have no idea: How can the Unsullied make that decision over the king? Yep, the newly named king that is Jon’s cousin but raised as his brother. Also, who cares about Grey Worm?

Eight – unbelievable – seasons later, the show biggest star gets sent back to a life of physical labor and no hope.

That is my instant take on the episode that just concluded a show I consider one of the greatest of all-time. I’ll have a larger breakdown tomorrow.

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