Game of Thrones: Let's Talk About That Episode [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones: Let's Talk About That Episode [Spoilers]


Game of Thrones: Let's Talk About That Episode [Spoilers]


This story includes spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 5. 

As many had feared and predicted, Daenerys Targaryen just became the Mad Queen. We’ve all heard the terrifying stories of her father, but it’s hard to imagine he did anything as bad as she just did.

We’re not fully sure who is alive and who is dead right now. We saw Arya and Tyrion in the preview for next week’s show. And, of course, Daenerys is definitely still alive. We know Jon Snow is almost certainly still alive as well and we can expect to see him in the series finale. The same cannot be said for Jamie and Cersei, though. It sure looked as if they were buried in the rubble of the capital. If so, they went out together, exactly as they should have. Shockingly, Jamie actually looked like a good guy by making the ultimate bad guy decision by going back to her.

As for Daenerys, the narrative has now changed so much. The Mother of Dragons has long been a fan favorite. Now, after that, this legendary show ending with her sitting on the Iron Throne would be a travesty. I have always made fun of people who act like they can read eyes, but I am going to do it right now. Each time Jon’s face appeared after Drogon’s destruction began, his eyes showed someone who knows he needs (not wants), to sit on Iron Throne and rule.

With just one episode left in the series, someone needs to kill the unworthy queen. Jon didn’t kill the Night King and he didn’t kill Cersei, but there is now one more major villain the hero of this show can slay.

By the way, what a great episode!

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