Baseball Boring, Also Not Like Horse Racing

Baseball Boring, Also Not Like Horse Racing


Baseball Boring, Also Not Like Horse Racing


Zack Greinke was absurdly deliberate Friday night when dealing Ozzie Albies. It took over two minutes for the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher to deliver the ball to home plate. It wasn’t an ideal situation and a perfect example for pace-of-play worrywarts to hold up as evidence that something needs to change.

And, look, it wasn’t the best example of compelling baseball, I’m not sure what we gained by learning the entire Kentucky Derby took less time.


Well, obviously, because the Derby broadcast is one of the most fluff-heavy broadcasts around. The ratio of actual racing to filler makes the above look like non-stop action.

Then there’s the notion that the horses aren’t weighed down by the strategic and mental aspects of their sport. They just run fast. Baseball, believe it or not, is a different, uh, animal all together and played by human beings who must carefully consider a litany of things before acting.

So, yeah, no one wants to watch paint dry but also horses aren’t people. Even Barbaro.

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