CBS Sports Chairman: No 'Current Plans' For Tony Romo to Cover Golf

CBS Sports Chairman: No 'Current Plans' For Tony Romo to Cover Golf


CBS Sports Chairman: No 'Current Plans' For Tony Romo to Cover Golf


In two short years, Tony Romo has completely changed the television broadcast game for NFL commentators. His eloquent insight and penchant for calling plays have become an anticipated and exciting part of the game praised by virtually everyone. So too is his seamless pre-, post- and in-game banter with legendary play-by-play man Jim Nantz.

So the natural question is, what’s next for America’s favorite quarterback?

Well, there is another sport looking for someone who can transform the way it’s viewed, and it just so happens to be another sport Romo is also elite at playing: Golf.

With CBS owning broadcast rights for the Masters and PGA Championship, plus a ton of PGA Tour events, it would be a very natural transition for Romo. He’s actually competing in a PGA Tour event this week, the AT&T Byron Nelson, and has played in several other tour events before. He also made his broadcasting debut at the Dean & Deluca Invitational (AKA the Colonial) back in 2017, so it all seems to make sense.

With that in mind, The Big Lead asked CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus if CBS has any plans of expanding Tony Romo’s commentary coverage area to golf during a conference call ahead of the PGA Championship. Here’s what he answered:

“Nothing in our current plans,”McManus said. “Tony is the best analyst in NFL football and we’re going to keep him focused on that for the time being so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Golf coverage, much like the players who compete in the tournaments and the people who run them, has long been known for its subdued and reserved nature. Some people have changed that view, like David Feherty, Gary McCord and Nantz’s current right-hand man for big golf events, Nick Faldo. But while those three are amazing at what they do and have made some waves inside golf’s bubble, they do not transcend culture the way Romo does. That’s what being a Pro-Bowl quarterback for America’s team does for you.

Romo could change the way golf is viewed nationwide. Like Tiger Woods, Romo could lead people who haven’t watched golf before to tune in for a round or two, just to see what Romo would say and how he would perform. That’s the kind of power Romo currently holds.

Romo’s three-year contract with CBS is up next year and he’s expected to get a massive pay bump, with some speculating he could be the highest paid broadcaster in history (or at least since John Madden). Perhaps part of that negotiation could include golf coverage. It makes sense for him. It makes sense for the sport. It just doesn’t make sense for CBS. At least not right now.

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