Draymond Green's Mom Attacked Steph Curry on Twitter For Some Weird Reason

Draymond Green's Mom Attacked Steph Curry on Twitter For Some Weird Reason


Draymond Green's Mom Attacked Steph Curry on Twitter For Some Weird Reason


Parents are going to back their kid in virtually any sports argument. Whether that kid is an 8-year-old playing t-ball or a 29-year-old playing in the NBA, his or her parent will support them against all others.

But with if the others are your kid’s teammate? More interesting still, what if that teammate made you and your son more famous (and likely richer) than you would have been without them? Do you still go after the teammate?

Something is going on with the Golden State Warriors right now because that’s the situation that unfolded after their loss to the Rockets in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Steph Curry had an off night (7-of-23 from the field) and he admitted as much after the game, saying: “it just wasn’t my night.” He’s had a million on nights, so we’ll forgive him this one hiccup, but, apparently, Draymond Green’s mom Mary Babers won’t. Here’s her Twitter activity.

So based on those tweets, Green’s mom questioned why Steph tried to dunk the ball and didn’t make an easy layup late in OT (ok, that’s understandable) and then said Steph isn’t nearly as good in the postseason as the regular season. She almost had me on the first one, but then the second tweet? Has she not watched Steph lead the Warriors to three titles?

Babers also retweeted a few other tweets making fun of Steph missing the layup and having a bad night. Whether she was trying to light a fire under Steph (don’t think he regularly checks her Twitter feed, but ok) or trying to say something deeper is all conjecture. But this feels misplaced.

Green, while obviously talented, is the fourth option in the Warriors rotation and would not be the player he is today without Curry. Curry made the Warriors who they are. Without his awe-inspiring shots, they wouldn’t have gotten the initial attention they did. They also wouldn’t have won their first title in 2015. Kevin Durant didn’t come to Golden State because Green made them a Finals favorite every year. Steph did that and continues to be the most important player on their team (yes, more so than Durant, who scored 46 points against the Rockets in Game 3 but couldn’t will the Warriors to a win the way Steph does).

It’s been a slightly disappointing start to the playoffs for Curry (22.6 PPG, 4.9 assists, 44.6% shooting), but make no mistake, he’s still the linchpin of the Warriors, and any parent saying otherwise is off base.

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