Dean Ambrose Reverts Name to Jon Moxley, AEW Next?

Dean Ambrose Reverts Name to Jon Moxley, AEW Next?


Dean Ambrose Reverts Name to Jon Moxley, AEW Next?


Dean Ambrose released a video this evening re-announcing himself on Twitter as Jon Moxley, the name he wrestled under on the independent circuit. The video imagery of escaping prison should not be lost on anyone. You don’t up and release a video like this for no reason, so the natural speculation is that this is part of his build to joining AEW. (Also, it’s possible he could be joining New Japan, Ring of Honor, or even MMA but at this juncture the solid money on anyone leaving WWE is AEW.)

Ambrose left WWE in April after a run that saw him accomplish the grand slam — winning the WWE World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, United States, and Tag-Team title belts. Alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, he was a member of the Shield, which is probably the most notable faction in pro wrestling of this past decade. AEW has been building an impressive stable of performers. Backed by Jaguars owners Shad Khan and his son Tony Khan, it was founded by the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes. Chris Jericho will also be wrestling for them and Jim Ross will serve in a variety of roles, including hopefully commentary as well.

The news that any WWE wrestler would be gearing up to join AEW is not be totally astonishing at this point. They are a sexy upstart competitor. A number of prominent WWE performers — Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, The Revival — have reportedly requested their release recently, and it’s presumed that would be their desired destination in the event their releases were granted (WWE has been digging their heels with those performers).

Nonetheless, this is a tad surprising in the micro sense because there were rumors Ambrose was considering retiring from pro wrestling altogether, and also because his exit from WWE was so prolonged that it felt like they might be building towards a swerve where he returns there at some point sooner than later.

It’s pro wrestling, so anything is possible. What are your thoughts?

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