Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Miami Dolphins Sound Like the Favorites

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Miami Dolphins Sound Like the Favorites


Josh Rosen Trade Rumors: Miami Dolphins Sound Like the Favorites


As the days before the draft wind down, the most interesting remaining subplot is what happens with Josh Rosen. If the Arizona Cardinals draft a quarterback, like most mock drafts have them doing, conventional wisdom says they will trade their first-round pick from last year.

Here is the latest rumor on the Josh Rosen trade front:

Miami Dolphins

According to NBC’s Peter King, the team that has spent the most time looking into Rosen recently has been the Miami Dolphins:

“No team in the league—from what I’ve heard—has spent more time researching Josh Rosen in recent weeks than Miami.”

Miami certainly is in need of a quarterback and Rosen is better than anything that will be on the board for them at the position when they select at 13th overall.

King added that due to the teams picking in front of them, the Dolphins could find themselves in a position where they are only bidding against one other team:

“Suppose my mock is correct, and Washington and the Giants use the draft to take young quarterbacks, and Miami and the Chargers are the only teams with even some interest in Rosen, and GM Chris Grier tells Arizona GM Steve Keim on draft night: ‘We’ll give you our third-round pick—78 overall—for Rosen. That’s it.’ Tough call for Keim, but knowing Rosen would be an unhappy camper behind Kyler Murray, and figuring this is a good depth draft in the first three rounds … well, that’s a lot to think about right there.”

Now, this goes from a good trade to a great trade. If the quarterback-needy Dolphins are able to bring in Rosen for just a third-round pick, they will be flying back to South Beach as the winners of draft week.

Rosen’s lackluster rookie season has been foolishly misunderstood. Let’s get this straight: the Cardinals didn’t provide him the requisite weapons to succeed and now he is only worth a pick in the 70s? Just one year ago, Rosen projected to be a better pro than all of the quarterbacks that will go in the first round in just two days. That is all gone now?

Rosen remains what we all thought he would be a year ago. It is baffling how far his stock has fallen in the eyes of many. No, he didn’t transform in Arizona. He is not, and will never be, Andrew Luck. He has always been more Matt Ryan. That is why he makes more sense for a team like the Giants with superior skill players. But with the Dolphins, it would still be an upgrade.

Sam Darnold vs. Josh Rosen for the AFC East for years to come sure has a nice ring to it. If Tom Brady ever retires of course.

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