NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Jaguars Take a QB, Raiders Replace Khalil Mack

NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Jaguars Take a QB, Raiders Replace Khalil Mack


NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Jaguars Take a QB, Raiders Replace Khalil Mack


The NFL Draft is just around the corner, and draft boards everywhere are adjusting as the day quickly approaches. Here’s my final NFL mock draft, which has a few sliding prospects and a surprise pick in the top 10.

1. Arizona Cardinals- Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma- At this point, the only thing in question about this pick is what they do once they pick Murray. Are they really planning on bailing on Rosen so soon? Have they been hyping up Murray to try and sell off the No. 1 pick for a high price, or trade Murray after they take him? It’s very rare that a pick appears to be this obvious, especially since Murray isn’t the perfect quarterback prospect. But know that whatever happens in the next days, the Cardinals will be taking Murray first.

2. San Francisco 49ers- Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State- The Niners signed Dee Ford to a big extension, but Bosa is the best prospect in the class and it’s really hard to pass on him. Bosa is the complete package and could be a double-digit sack guy from the second he steps on the field. You can’t have too good of a pass rush in today’s day and age, and with Bosa, Ford, and DeForest Buckner, San Francisco would have a defensive front to rival any in the league. Plus, the less they have to rely on Jimmy Garoppolo as he returns from his ACL injury, the better it will be in the short and long term.

3. New York Jets- Quinnen Williams, DT, AlabamaThe Jets have invested an inordinate amount of draft capital on interior defensive linemen in the last five or so years, but Williams is good enough to justify it. New York has their safety pairing of the future, and need a top talent on the defensive line to round out their D. Williams will do just that, and projects to be a game-wrecker like few others in this league. A traditional edge rusher may be a better fit, but Williams has the potential to rack up double-digit sacks while consistently affecting the line of scrimmage and the run game. Williams could be a superstar, and that’s the type of potential to bet on when you have a top five pick.

4. Oakland Raiders- Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky- Jon Gruden traded away one of the best edge rushers in the league, and the Raiders’ pass rush (unsurprisingly) suffered. So, Gruden and new partner-in-crime Mike Mayock take Allen, who had 17 sacks his senior year at Kentucky, to help replace that production. Allen isn’t a great overall player yet, but we all know that he can do one thing really, really well, and that’s get after the quarterback. How Oakland’s season turns out is anyone’s guess, but Allen is a great building block on the defense who could be a sack artist in short order. Oakland needs talent more than anything, and Allen has that in quantity.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Ed Oliver, DT, Houston- As great (and underappreciated) as Gerald McCoy has been for years, he needs an heir apparent. Enter Oliver, who had very good sack and tackle for loss numbers during his years in Houston. A wrecking ball of an interior lineman, Oliver would form a dangerous one-two punch with McCoy for the next few years. Similar to the Raiders, the Bucs are building the defense basically from the ground up, and Oliver has the potential to destroy opposing gameplans on a regular basis.

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