10 Masters Rules Patrons Must Follow at Augusta National

10 Masters Rules Patrons Must Follow at Augusta National


10 Masters Rules Patrons Must Follow at Augusta National


The Masters takes its rules very seriously. Both players and patrons (there’s your first rule, fans are called patrons, and if an announcer calls them fans on TV, they’re in trouble) have a long list of dos and don’ts, which, if not followed, can result in disqualification for the player and removal from the grounds for the patron and possibly a lifetime ban. So yeah, it’s high-stakes stuff.

If you’re going to the Masters for the first time, I mean, first off that’s awesome, good for you. But once you get over the excitement, here are some rules you should know. And be aware before entering the course, you go through a security checkpoint with metal detectors and are subject to a frisk, so this is no joke.

#1 No running. It’s not allowed on the grounds. People walk quickly. But if you run, you could get the hook.

#2 No getting drunk. Most people know beers at Augusta are cheap ($4-$5). But don’t think for a second you can get drunk out there. They stop selling beers on the main course at 4 p.m. If you look drunk, or are acting drunk and unruly, you could be tossed. If you’re lying down asleep (aka passed out), you’re an easy target.

#3 No cell phones are allowed in Augusta at any time. If you’re caught with your cell phone on the grounds, you will be removed and could be banned from Augusta for life. They take this rule very seriously.

#4. No cameras or recording devices during the tournament. You can bring cameras during practice rounds (Monday-Wednesday), but you can’t bring a camera during tournament play. You can also bring binoculars as a heads up.

#5 No asking players for autographs when they’re on the course. You can ask for autographs by the driving range and the practice green or along the ropes where the players walk between the two areas. You can also ask for them around the Par-3 course. But once the players are on the course or preparing for their round, leave them alone.

#6 No outside food or drink. As mentioned, you go through a security checkpoint, at which point they’re looking closely for things not allowed in the course. That includes food. But the food at Augusta is tasty and cheap, so you shouldn’t bring your own anyway.

#7 No sitting in other people’s seats. This is more of an unwritten rule. Masters patrons place their seats at key areas early in the day and then walk around. It’s impolite to sit in someone else’s seat. Plus, you feel like a jerk if they come and ask you to leave.

#8 No selling your ticket within 2,700 feet of Augusta National. If you are caught doing this, you are subject to misdemeanor charges and arrest.

#9 No leaving the tournament and reentering multiple times. If you and a friend are hoping to split a ticket, just know you can only enter the tournament twice with the same ticket. So one of you can go early and the other late, but after that, the ticket won’t be honored.

#10 No throwing trash on the ground. The Masters has a professional staff that literally walks around the grounds all week and picks up any trash from the ground. However, it’s taboo to throw a sandwich wrapper or water bottle on the ground after finishing. Find a trash can and throw it in there.


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