5 Matchups That Will Define Super Bowl LIII

Bill Belichick

5 Matchups That Will Define Super Bowl LIII


5 Matchups That Will Define Super Bowl LIII


Super Bowl LIII is set. The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will face each other in Atlanta on February 3.

This should be a phenomenal matchup with several key battles that will determine the outcome.

Here’s a look at the five crucial matchups that will define Super Bowl LIII.

Sean McVay

Bill Belichick vs. Sean McVay

The defensive guru who has dominated the NFL for the past 17 years, against the offensive wunderkind who could define the next 17. This is one hell of a matchup.

Bill Belichick’s resume is ridiculous. The 66-year-old has won five Super Bowls as a head coach and two as a defensive coordinator. He’s led the Patriots to nine AFC Championships all while creating the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

Sean McVay has been a head coach for just two seasons and he already has the Rams in the Super Bowl. He’s posted a 24-8 regular season record and division titles in each of his first two years. His success has been so game-changing that guys are getting head coaching opportunities simply by being associated with him. It’s legitimately incredible the impact he’s had.

Belichick has two weeks to prepare defensive looks to throw at McVay and young quarterback Jared Goff. Conversely, McVay is going to pour over tape and find ways to beat whatever Belichick prepares for him.

This is a classic offensive coach vs. defensive coach battle and should be an incredible chess match.

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