The 20 Most Important Plays of the NFL Season

The 20 Most Important Plays of the NFL Season


The 20 Most Important Plays of the NFL Season


#5 Colts don’t play for tie versus Texans, lose

Frank Reich wasn’t playing for the tie versus Houston. He went for it on 4th and 4 at their own 43. It failed, and the Texans kicked a field goal to win the game a few plays later.

At the time, the Texans were 0-3. But now with the benefit of hindsight, that decision appears extra costly. A tie would still have the Colts just one game back of the Texans, with the tiebreaker because of the later win at Houston.

Of course, if the Colts had converted and gone on to win, they would be leading the AFC South right now on the tiebreaker with both teams at 9-5.

#4 Philip Rivers to Mike Williams for TD and 2 Point Play versus Chiefs

The AFC West was on the line. The Chiefs had led all game. But Philip Rivers and Mike Williams combined for a controversial touchdown at the end of the game in Arrowhead (it looked like Williams got away with a clear push off) and then Williams was wide open on a blown coverage on the two-point play to win it.

The Chargers still have a chance to win the division and get the #1 seed as a result.

#3 Amari Cooper catches deflected OT TD to knock out Eagles

A singular “ecstasy to agony” moment could end up deciding the NFC East and who gets in the playoffs. Philadelphia went to Dallas knowing they needed to win. They had their chance. In overtime, the third down pass for Amari Cooper was deflected, but found its way into his arms. If it is intercepted, the Eagles have a chance to win. Even if it falls incomplete, Dallas settles for a field goal and Philadelphia still has hope.

Now, the Eagles must win out and Dallas lose both to alter that fate.

#2 Patrick Mahomes comes up with insane fourth down conversion versus Ravens

What is there to say about Patrick Mahomes? Sometimes you need to just re-watch and be amazed all over again. Mahomes had been getting pummeled all game by the Ravens’ fierce defense, and on 4th and 9 was chased from the pocket again. That heave and that catch snatched away defeat, and the Chiefs would tie it and eventually win in overtime. MVP-worthy moment.

#1 Dolphins Miracle versus Patriots

Savor it. You’ll be seeing this one for a long time, and it could be decisive in how the playoffs look this year in the AFC.


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