The 10 Best Values in the NFL

The 10 Best Values in the NFL


The 10 Best Values in the NFL


Who are the biggest values in the NFL for 2018? Looking through the salary cap information (all cap data via Spotrac) and player production, here are the biggest values. As you can see, the rookie wage scale really holds down the salary of some of the league’s best performers, and there’s a reason some of the “veterans” on this list who haven’t received their second contract have been involved in not reporting to activities in the offseason.

All numbers in parentheses are 2018 cap charges.

#1 Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys ($726,000)

Dak Prescott is the lowest paid QB starter in the NFL, and it’s not really close. In a world where Matt Schaub is still making $4.5 million a year to serve as a backup, and most starters are getting $15 million or more, Prescott is severely underpaid. He’s got the 35th-highest cap charge on the Dallas Cowboys entering the season, so regardless of his production, keep that in mind when evaluating how much help the Cowboys should be able to put around him at receiver.

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