The Best College Football Fan GIFs of 2013

The Best College Football Fan GIFs of 2013


The Best College Football Fan GIFs of 2013


LSU fan does zombie during Bama game

LSU lost by three touchdowns to Alabama. But, when things were still jovial early, this fan did his best T-Rex impersonation.


Fervent college football fan Eminem joined Kirk and Brent in the Saturday Night Football booth during the Michigan-Notre Dame game. It got awkward.

Baylor fan dancing

Baylor hosted Oklahoma for a massive Thursday night game. Fans came to Floyd Casey with their A-game, and prudently avoided black face.

Michigan girl sad face

Devin Gardner fumbled on the goal line against Indiana. One Michigan student offered a GIF that perfectly summarized Michigan’s 2013 season.

Michigan fan "No way"

While we’re discussing Michigan, this chap could not believe what he was seeing as Sparty delivered a beat down in East Lansing.


Just an intoxicated fellow luxuriating in a monsoon during the Washington State vs. Stanford game. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Iowa State fans dressed as Teletubbies

Iowa State fans dressed as teletubbies, simulated a sex act. A normal evening in Ames.

Michigan State bro smacks his buddy in the face

A Michigan State bro celebrated a Spartan touchdown, by punching his fellow bro in the face.

LSU dancing fan

An LSU fan busted a move with SEC fluidity.

Clemson - ouch

Okay. So, yes, this wasn’t a GIF but this guy was not happy while Florida State was obliterating the Tigers in their supposedly intimidating stadium. Harrumph.

Iowa fan

We’re not sure how these two Jersey bros ended up attending Iowa. Creative writing? Fist pump. Jager Bombs.

Ole Miss girl-b

And, finally, Ole Miss Party Girl at the Grove.

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