Roundup: James Dolan Speaks; Charles Manson Engaged?; Remembering JFK

Roundup: James Dolan Speaks; Charles Manson Engaged?; Remembering JFK


Roundup: James Dolan Speaks; Charles Manson Engaged?; Remembering JFK


pollyparsons2Polly Parsons. … Buffalo teacher sends home note to parents about smelly children. … Charles Manson (somehow) has a 25-year-old girlfriend and they’re (maybe) getting married. … Rasheed Wallace still owes Oregon money in back-taxes. … Cinnabon Vodka is now a thing. Take that Russia!… Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel freed on bail, awaits new trail for murder of Martha Moxley in 1975. …  33 killed in Latvian mall collapseMinnesota Twins trying to block WWE from using “Bella Twins” name. … Parents say autistic teen to blame for classmates taunts.   … American striker Juan Agudelo denied a UK work permit, Stoke City transfer in jeopardy. … Gratuitous pro wrestling GIF of the week. … Brawl breaks out at a child bounce party near Cleveland. … Editor of New Yorker talks changing journalistic landscape with young writers. … Gordon Ramsay’s best Kitchen Nightmares take down?… Orioles reliever Darren O’Day is getting ping pong lessons from pros.  … Restaurant offers big discount if you turn off your phone. … Happy Birthday Jamie Lee Curtis (55), Mads Mikkelson (48), Mark Ruffalo (46), Bryon Houston (44), Joe Nathan (39), Michael “Mike” Cardillo (33) and Scarlett Johansson (29). … Enjoy your weekend.

Ken Rosenthal writing on the late Michael Weiner: “the smartest, fairest, kindest person I ever met.” [Fox Sports]

James Dolan sits down for interview. Talks Knicks, Rangers, love for the Eagles. [NY Post]

Oliver Stone wrote an op-ed about JFK. [USA Today]

There’s been all sorts of JFK programming this week but, but has there been too much? [Hollywood Reporter]

RIP Winamp. [Techland]

Kirk Gibson is wildly optimistic about the D’backs heading in 2014.[AZ Central]

Lee Corso is still getting it done on GameDay. [Sherman Report]

Chilling read on Chris Benoit — erased from WWE history following his murder/suicide. [Deadspin]

Darius Rucker helps out at a high school talent show. [Post and Courier]

Is ‘Chanukah Honey’ the next ‘Santa Baby’? [HyperVocal]

The story of Michigan hoops’ Austin Hatch recruit, survivor of two deadly plane crashes. [USA Today]

Smart TVs make you feel stupid. [Boston Globe]

College football hiring/firing primer. []

Where and how to find a McRib this holiday season. Joy. [Business Insider]

Living a week like it’s 1996. [Vice, obviously]

Tips on how to enjoy playing football on Thanksgiving with your old pals. [700 Level]

Here’s the JFK inaugural address in full.

Trailer for new Arnold flick, “Sabotage,” looks solid. Plus Miss Cross from “Rushmore” pops up.

Japanese daredevil ties meat to her back, races Komodo Dragon.

This applies more to Facebook than email, but you get my drift. The thought of Larry David on Facebook is too much to process, anyways.

TV magic doesn’t exactly hold up … or does it?

All the mellow am gold from this season of “Hello Ladies” in one Spotify playlist.

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